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Shooting with Ilia Zolas

Hi there and thank you for considering me on your next shoot. I am available to shoot at a location of your choosing. If you require more information, have questions, or would like to offer a suggestion, please contact me by filling out the form below.


Canon 7D Mark 2
2 Jinbei Lights
2 Excelvan Strobes
Diffusers & Reflectors
Green, Black & White Screens

Your Photos

After your shoot, non-invasive enhancements will be made to your photos and then saved in multiple formats. You will receive your RAW photos as well as a set of edited photos via a medium of your choice(Dropbox, USB, Custom Packing etc.).

Model Package



  • 100 Selected photos
  • 30 Photos edited
  • 4 Photos Creative Edits
  • Either by a chosen location or private premises.

The duration of the shoot is 2 hours.

Additional hours can be discussed via email or through my contact form below.


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Thank you for your consideration and make sure to keep an eye out for free photoshoots coming up!

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